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Donate your woolens this winter


It’s that time of the year, that temperatures are as low as -ve. Most of us can afford a warm jacket, a jumper or a sweater, and moreso, a house, when it gets very worse outside.

But did you know that there are thousands of people including mothers and their infants living on the streets! Whose only savior from this harsh weather could be you, if not the other person! What if you donated just a sweater from the several you have. You could save a mother from pneumonia, and end up saving a whole generation.

Husika-Afrika runs an initiative called Use-Next which helps with mobilization of both human and material resources such as clothes, bedding, foodstuff, utensils, furniture etc, and distribute them to most needy brothers and sisters; either free of charge or at a very low cost.

Please let us know if you have something we could pass on to a needy person. Be a Husika-Change Champion today. Call us on +254 712 944 500 or email us

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