To inspire transformation by developing and empowering more young people and women; especially from low income and rural communities across Africa; for active and responsible leadership and governance.

We believe that if we empower more young people with godly values, and encourage them to take up leadership and governance roles, they are able to influence policies and pass laws that honor God and respect humanity and creation.

For an empowered Africa, free from all kinds of injustices, poverty and diseases.

Concerned majority Informed communities Transformed societies.

Every donation made to Husika-Afrika makes a significant difference. If you are not able to give regularly, you can make a one-off donation.

Since 2009, Husika-Afrika (formerly The Urban Hope Project) has been committed to answering God’s call to be His hands and feet to the least, the last, the lost and the lonely in our in the communities; sharing practical faith, hope and love; in Kenya and Africa.

We do this mainly through trained volunteers, committed to serving God through others.  Many young people and women connect with Husika-Afrika in  variety of ways; including daily, weekly and monthly meetings, special events, holidays, community projects and training programs.

In 2017, we changed our name to Husika-Afrika, basically to; – Capture the wider and long term vision that we feel God is directing and leading us to. – Contextualize our identity.

In Kenya, and most parts of Eastern Africa, swahili is widely used as a language for communication. Hence, we felt changing our name to Swahili; we are coming closer to home. The word Husika means to get involved (in something). In this next face of our work and ministry, we feel God is calling us to involve more people, partners and communities more engaged in inspiring chnage and transformation.

Our previous name served us well and we want to thank everyone who was part of us then. We ask you to join us in this new wagon and get involved even more. We have more programs and projects across Kenya and beyond, and so everyone has something at Husika-Afrika.

For people who fell in love with the Urban Hope Project, we are pleased to let you know that Urban Hope now becomes a major project of Husika-Afrika, and will continue coordinating some programs that we initially run, maybe a bit differently though.

Aren’t you excited with what God is doing?

We derive our core values from the Holy Scripture in the Book of Micah 6.8; which says, “He (God) has shown you, O man, what is good. What does Yahweh require of you, but to act JUSTLY, to love MERCY, and to walk HUMBLY with your God?”


God is just and so He calls us to be just. We believe that Africa and the world as a whole is in a lot of pain and need because of the injustices being done under bad leadership and governance.

We strive to practice and live justly as we can to create a friendlier and peaceful environment for everyone.


Most of what we do is driven by mercy. God saw the fallen state of man and decided to save us by sacrificing his only son, Jesus to die on the Cross once and for all and change our situation, if we believe in Him.

He walked around and saw sick people and healed them; he met with desperate people and changed their situation; he raised the dead; restored relationships etc. Mercy sees the bad state in which people are in and says, “I can do something to change this situation, however small it may be.” We don’t claim to know it all, or to have it all, but what we have, we offer passionately and excellently.


Humility calls for self-sacrifice; being vulnerable for the sake of others. Jesus did not consider his royal state; instead he humbled himself and came down on earth for the sake of a fallen mankind. Likewise, we don’t hold ourselves back if it’s in our capacity to help. We live our homes to work with communities in some of the most deprived places so that we may give hope, in Jesus name, through your partnership and sponsorship.


We believe that the strength of any person depends on the type of community in which they come from. We at Husika-Afrika therefore promote friendly  communities involvement in every project that we do. This not only promotes inclusivity, but also assures ownership and sustainability.


A wise man once said that if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. Husika-Afrika believes in serving the communities for prosperity, because there will always be a need to serve. Therefore we work together as a team; consolidating our strengths and abilities to find the best and lasting solutions to the needs around us.


We are passionate about what we do. Transformation is driven by passion to see things change. Every single project we do is passion driven and is geared towards inspiring transformation.


We decided to respond to God’s call; we therefore do it with all the excellence we can. We believe that God demands our very best, and so is everyone we serve. They must see God in our work.