Alcohol, Drug and Substance Abuse

Alcohol, drugs and substance abuse is a big problem in Kenya and affects everyone everywhere. However the youth and especially from low income communities and settlements are far much affected because of their already vulnerable state. Kenya has produced some of the best policies on alcohol, drugs and substance abuse; however the implementation of such policies has been a challenge due to massive corruption, intimidation by producers and suppliers as well as stubbornness by users and the local communities who oppose the very measures being put up in place to protect them.

Husika-Afrika is committed to working with communities focusing mainly on young people and women in schools, churches and youth groups. Husika-Afrika is about prevention and therefore partners with other local and international NGOs in the prevention field to provide evidence based programs that help especially the young people to a) avoid engaging in ADA; b) to delay engaging in ADA and c) help those already involved from engaging further and recover back to normal life.

Husika-Afrika focuses on the following prevention approaches or strategies to fulfill its mission; community outreaches through sports and recreation; Performing arts (music, dance, drama, acrobats etc); counseling; psychosocial support, life skills training and capacity building; as well peer to peer support.

Husika-Afrika is also involved in lobbying and advocacy efforts for ways to keep the youth as safe as possible. We print and distribute advocacy and information, communication and education (ICE) materials for community outreaches. Lobby for regulation of access to alcohol, drugs and substance; train and give support to other law enforcers and community influencers to champions prevention efforts.

We all carry out and disseminate minor researches to help the community understand and put on mechanisms needed to safe guard them from harm.