Small Man with a Big Vision

Pastor Bantu Musa (Moses Oduor) was born in Kenya and grew in different towns around the country, where his parents worked to fend for their big family. He never went to nursery school. He finished his primary school in the countryside, topping his division in the 2003 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. He was called to join to illustrious schools; St. Mary’s Yala and Sawagongo. But because his parents could not afford admission fee and majorly fees to this schools, he lost his slot and had to move to Nairobi to join his dad. In Nairobi, there were many options to choose from the many private day schools that his parents could afford. By good the grace of God, his dad secured some loan from his work place and with his good marks from the countryside; he was accepted at Jamhuri High School, where he sat for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCPE in 2006. While at high school, in year three last term, his parents separated, and their family was completely disoriented. He sat his final exams, not knowing exactly where her mum was. This was really hard on him and it took to see him through his secondary school. Because his family was very poor, Bantu spent most of his time in school studying and when free hawking high school magazine – The Insyder- to fellow students and earn a commission of 10 shillings per magazine. In the evening and weekends, he sold roasted maize and groundnuts at Uhuru Park and Kenyatta National Hospital. Many times they would be arrested by askaris; beaten, locked up in cells and their money and products confiscated.

Bantu was lucky and blessed to have been introduced very early to God and Christianity. This faith kept him from engaging in high school crimes such as drugs and substances abuse that his school was notoriously known for. Instead, he immersed himself in serving God both at school in the Christian Union and in His local Church at All Saints’ Cathedral, Nairobi. He took part in leading the services, serving in the sound ministry, leading Bible Studies, organizing camps and picnics, and basically being an Arm Bearer to any man of God who would allow him to do that. He did those two years, while also doing odd jobs in the construction sites to earn some money to help her mum who was now staying alone after their bitter separation. His faithfulness to serve God would give him massive exposure to loving people and the opportunity to tap into some uncommon grace, that later, saw him get a fully catered for, Gap Year to join a program called Xplore Global in the United Kingdom England, courtesy of Church Army Africa and Church Army UK.

While there he made a vow to God to only do what had taken him there and come back at the end of the one year; avoiding the pressure from peers that he remains there to enjoy the good things in the West. He diligently, learnt, sought after God and found his calling. When he came back after 11 months, God had clearly defined for him his calling. He owes this to Capt. Andy Milne and his wife Rev. Tracy Milne, who especially showed him so much love during his work practice with their Sorted Community Project in Bradford. He says he learnt to seek God in everything, as that was what Tracy and Andy were good at. They also taught him patience and working with a team.

When He came back, God had given him a name and a team of people he would start his ministry with back in Kenya, through a clear vision. The name was Urban Hope Project, and role was also clear; to be God’s hands and feet to the least, the last and the lost in Kenyas most deprived settlements and schools. He obediently and diligently did this as he served his local church also in the youth, teens and Sunday school ministries, as well in missions and outreach.

He also got the opportunity to go back to school to study Urban Mission at Carlile College, but dropped out after just one semester when his sponsor lost his job, and stayed out of college for four years before other door opened for him through the church and his pastor friend, which paid his Bachelor of Divinity Course at the prestigious St. Pauls University, where he graduated in 2015 which second class honours, upper class. He is currently a Masters student at the same institution tasking Development Studies (Organizational major and Youth as a minor); a well as a Masters student at Daystar University taking Counselling Psychology. After these Bantu wishes to pursue a Doctorate, and maybe take some part time lecturing roles to empower the young people.

In 2016, God again directed Bantu to expand his vision and mission. This came with an instruction to change the name of the ministry from Urban Hope Project to Husika-Afrika Foundation, and Transform the lives of youth and women through active engagement in leadership, governance, development, education and socio-economic empowerment. His vision is to see Husika-Afrika having its own property (Transformation Centres and Hubs) in multiple places across Africa, offering transformative skills, trainings and programs to youth and women starting with the coastal region of Kenya.

Bantu is a pastor is pioneering a ministry called Sorted Church, which a Fresh Expression of Church; which basically reaches people where they are, and using what appeals to them to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through Sorted he is reaching hundreds of people on the streets, in the busses, in shopping malls, schools and colleges and any other weird place you might think of. God has used him to transform many lives through his social economic and education programs. He is also a multi-talented one, with the ability to write and perform music, play guitar, play football and skateboard. He is the initiator of Steadfast and Total Impact Awards, which awards men and women who are serving God faithfully and Inspiring transformation in the society respectively. He also founded Total Impact Events, which gives young people safe spaces to interact, connect and express their talents inn music, poetry, spoken word as well as visual art. He is a Reading Ambassador of Story Moja an organization that aims to discover and inspire new creative skills in writing and promotes a reading culture among children and teenagers.

Pastor Bantu is passionate about God and loves people. His passion is to see everyone transformed by the power of God; living life to the full as God intended for us. He is an enemy of poverty, laziness and cheap talk. He loves travelling and meeting new people, laughing and learning new cultures.

He has been writing his first book which will be launched soon. He is a seasonal writer and columnist for Newspapers and blogs.

His Motto in life is #Inspiringtransformation.