Fichua Somo Initiative: unlocking possibilities through quality education

Education is one of the most important investments we can make in our people and their future. At Husika-Afrika Foundation we support underprivileged communities and families to ensure every child within their jurisdiction receives quality and affordable education; through our Fichua Somo Initiative Program. Fichua Somo is a Swahili phrase that can be simply translated as ‘the act of unearthing education’. The following programs are the five components of Fichua Somo Initiative:

  1. Fichua Somo Education Sponsorship Program
  2. Fichua Somo Sanitary Towels and Sanitary ware Distribution
  3. Fichua Somo Resource Centers and Libraries Establishments
  4. Fichua Somo Education and Career Fairs
  5. Fichua Somo Text Books and Stationery Distribution.

The upcoming Book Drive is aimed to raise at least 1000 assorted Books – storybooks, revision books, and exercise books, to be used to equip our Resource Centre and Library in Katama Village, Kilifi County.

Why Katama:

Katama is a rural village deep inside Kilifi County, in Magharini Sub County. The climate is semi-arid and the inhabitants are originally hunters and gatherers, who are now starting to settle and engage in farming. This makes the village a hardship area with very low income and development.

The schools are very few and ill-equipped; one primary school serves three villages. These forces children to walk up to two hours to school and two hours back home daily. Lower class children are forced to further attend school in shifts as there are inadequate classrooms and teachers to meet the demands of the kids at a go. These challenges plus the weather of the area; hot, windy and dusty discourage the children from enjoying school.

Many ends up dropping out before finishing primary and girls getting pregnant and being married off even as young as 14 years old, and sometimes as second, third or even fourth wife.

It is worth mentioning that Kilifi County leads in the number of teenage pregnancies Kenya; The Children’s Affairs Department reported *14,000 cases of teenage pregnancies in 2018, with 290 cases being among 10-14-year-olds.

Husika-Afrika Foundation set up the Kilifi Mission and Transformation Centre Project in this area in September 2019 to respond to some of these challenges and bring forth transformation.


Since setting up in Katama in September 2019, the Project has;

  • Sponsored 4 students; 3 in high school and 1 in upper primary. All students being paid for full school fees in boarding schools through a partner organization and individuals.
  • Built a social hall and set up a Homework Club to offer a safe and conducive space for students to study after school or when waiting for their shift to go to school.
  • Set up sanitary towel and panties bank for school going adolescent girls; to reduce monthly school disruptions during their menstruation circle.
  • Set up a volunteer scheme to facilitate and offer free tuition and coaching for students at the center.

This Book Drive will help us equip the Resource Centre with various books that will inform children and open their minds to see the vast opportunities that they are not familiar with yet; hence make them dream big for the future. Recently, a stand four boy responded that he wants to fell trees and burn charcoal when he grows older. Furthermore, he doesn’t know his age yet he is in standard four! Such cases are very common in this area as there are no role models that the young can look up to! Most adults never attended school at all; they do menial jobs, illegal hunting, and burning charcoal and spend their free time drinking palm wine. We hope our efforts are transforming lives and in the near future, this will be evident in the community. We hope that those we support will come back to support their community and or be a motivation when they make it out there because of education.

How We Hope to Do the Book Drive:

We are humbly reaching out and calling upon you to partner with us by;

  1. Announcing to your congregation, audience, fans, followers, etc., about this need and making a request for donations on our behalf and or give us an opportunity to do the same where possible.
  2. Pin and or show our poster requesting the same on your notice boards and advertisement screens.
  • Upload and post our poster on your website, social media platforms i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.
  1. Making a donation of books or equivalent of the same in cash; as an individual or institution.
  2. Helping us to get this campaign out there in whatever way you can do best!

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