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Since 2009, Husika-Afrika Foundation (formerly The Urban Hope Project) has been working in Kenya and occasionally beyond. Our call and mission have always been to answer to the needs of our communities. When we started we found ourselves predominantly working in the urban setup and occasionally in the rural areas; where we intensively became hands, feet, eyes, ears, and mouths of many desperate and needy people living on the streets, care homes, in learning institutions and other random places.

Our work is heavily influenced by each individuals conviction to inspire change and create long-lasting impact in the lives of the people and communities we work with. Such convictions are then combined to a team spirit to create synergy to move and steer such change as we would like to see transform and benefit our communities.

In 2017, I felt a strong urge and a challenge within to expand our scope of work to involve more people, communities, and partners; as well as identify more with local and regional partners and stand out in the global arena, both through our work and identity. This urge led to the change of our name from The Urban Hope Project to Husika-Afrika Foundation.

It is my pleasure and honor, therefore, to introduce you to Husika-Afrika Foundation. For those who had become so familiar and used to The Urban Hope Project, we are sorry! But, be assured that we have changed for the better and that Urban Hope now becomes one of the vital programs within the Husika-Afrika Foundation, and will continue coordinating much of what we used to do before, but a bit differently. I, therefore, ask you to feel welcome and continue walking and working with us as we #InspireTransformation and see greater impact in our communities.

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Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values have not changed but have been simplified to help you memorize them as you help us out in various ways.

Mission and Vision

To inspire transformation by developing and empowering needy communities across Kenya and Africa.

For a developed, empowered and holistically thriving Africa.

Core Values

Community and Partnership: We strongly believe in the power of communities. We strongly believe that communities are the hubs for society and world transformation. Healthy communities are therefore important in nurturing innovative, responsible and mature people who are able to take the world to the next level in technology and innovation; and be able to end global human needs such as poverty, diseases, hunger, illiteracy and such.

We also believe that as much as communities are important, we also need partnerships from different players in the globe, in order to fully realize the potential that communities have.

Team Work and Synergy: Someone said that teamwork makes the dream work. We can’t argue out this fact. We believe in involving every player in everything we do, as everyone has a beautiful piece of the puzzle.

Working as a team is amazing, because, it also creates synergy, and brings forth the whole that wouldn’t be realized if everyone did their own things.

Excellence and Humility: We strongly believe that excellence is part and parcel of nature, and anything short of excellence portrays a lack of passion, the will, and the determination to achieve.

As such we also believe that there is no one who cannot stand out in something, and therefore our interaction and success as individuals and the organization must be accompanied with genuine humility and respect, no matter what we have or are able to achieve, how.

Justice, Integrity, and Honesty: We believe that everyone deserves to serve and be served with justice in its commutative, distributive, legal, and social aspect and be guaranteed the common welfare by sharing what God has created.

We also believe that human beings even though has in his/her nature the power to be corrupt, must try to live and lead an upright, honest, and holistic life – integrity.

Please join us in this noble and amazing work and see what God can do through you. Reach us in the contact us section or donate to #InspireTransformation.

God bless,

Rev. Bantu Moses Oduor, Founder, CEO, and Chairman.