Ukumbi is a Swahili word which means forum, hall, auditorium etc., for dialogue and interaction. We use the word in our context to mean a forum/gathering for young people.

It’s an opportunity for youth and women to meet and discuss issues affecting their social, political, economic, leadership and governance; and try to find solutions as well as network with like-minded persons.

Ukumbi has the following components;

Music,drama, poetry, photography, film, graffiti, fashion, storytelling, comedy, talks, and topical discussions.

At the moment we have forums mainly around Nairobi. In the future, we hope to have different Ukumbi forums happen concurrently in different parts of the country and beyond. The discussions are documented in both hard and soft copies and published for the masses on the World Wide Web and distributed on strategic venues for those who prefer hard copies.

Our current partners include churches, civil society organizations (CSOs) and learning institutions. We are seeking more partners, if you would like to host Ukumbi in your institution, please contact us. Follow this link to download a pdf copy of some of the earlier publications.